Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fern runner

I've finally finished sewing back the binding on my second fern runner and laid it out on my coffee table for photographing.
I can't decide if I like this one or the first one I did.
It's funny how we go through phases with our quilting and artwork isn't it? I seem to be on a bit of a runner craze right now. It's quite satisfying to make a piece of art that can be used and enjoyed.
I've got my latest, the purple cosmos one sandwiched and on my machine, ready for quilting. This morning, I made muffins, did a wash and did my 'time' on my sit on bike. It's a bit damp out here today although warm. Now, I'm free for a bit to meander on the runner and perhaps do a bit of reading form my latest book which I'm quite enjoying, Anna From away by D R MacDonald. I love to read good books that set in familiar places. (It's set in Cape Breton where I once taught for several months.)
Got to go now and get a bit done before my daughter arrives home from her PEI trip where she secured an apartment for herself for the next year while she takes her Bachelor of Education at the University of PEI. We'll be moving her in a couple of weeks.
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Building the runner

This morning I got up and did a house cleaning job that was way past over do. I cleaned my big freezer downstairs, a big job as it is large and was quite frosted up. It didn't take long to knock the ice off the walls but then I had to bend over it, scoop it all into a bucket, and mop it up. All in all, between that and making spaghetti sauce at the same time upstairs, I got a workout.
This afternoon, I added some batik prints to the thread sketched center that I did the other day.
I haven't yet made up my mind as to whether I should cut pointed ends.
It's quite purple isn't' it? I auditioned some greens but the purples somehow seemed best. I have to give some thought to how I will quilt it as well.
I feel satisfied that it's been a prolific Monday. I hope yours is too.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Thread painting in black

I'm not sure how much I like this piece. It's not meant to be a work of art, just a little something for me to dabble at while I'm still going through my health issues.
I like the colors and the sketchy black outlines though. The plan is to add a small plain border and then some batiks to make a small table runner. I enjoy looking at the fern one I made for my coffee table. It's a useful bit of creativeness that makes me happy.

Sorry for the shadows. It's still on my sewing machine. I'm just so excited to be doing a little something. Haven't resolved any of the itching and burning symptoms-- I'm just trying to get through my days without totally losing it!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Some fabric printing

Yesterday, I vowed that I would do a couple of fabric prints today, not a big session , just a couple to do some free motion work on. And I did! All of a sudden I'm feeling less groggy and I got out for a good brisk sun filled walk this morning. My daughter went with me even though she went to the dentist and then for a 10k run this afternoon. Oh, the energy!
It's a start. I'm already thinking of a different color combination. The first one is done by applying paint to a large plastic freezer bag, removing bits with a paint brush and drawing into it with the wooden end. Then you flip it and rub it onto the fabric.

The idea for this method came from Alicia Burke's blog. It is square in shape and will make a nice center for a table topper or runner.
Onto the second piece of cotton, I ironed flower shapes cut from freezer paper.

I then played with adding paints and textures to the Gelli plate, laid the fabric with the ironed on paper shapes atop it and rubbed.

This method gives more of a resist look because of the paper mask. I will add some color with my Neocolor II crayons before the thread sketching.
I feel like a new person today! I hope it lasts through tonight as that's when the itching/burning is at its worst. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring wreath

As you can see by the time in between my posts, I'm still struggling. I had some blood tests and everything was ok there, a relief, but we still don't know exactly what's causing my all over itching and burning. We've also ruled out allergies. I'm now taking a common medication for nerve pain which is making me very dopey until I get used to it. It seems to be helping some although night time can still get pretty uncomfortable. Can you imagine, to see a skin specialist or a neurologist, I could wait a year!
Each day, I drag myself to my sewing studio and do a little bit. I'm currently stitching the binding onto my fern runner so I'll show that in the next couple of days.
Today, I felt like I accomplished something when I added a few flowers and a ribbon to a wreath.

There are some little art bits floating around in my head. I even picked out paint today. There is hope.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Finally a bit of free motion stitching

We have been so housebound here with all the blizzards coming one after the other. That along with my itching problem has just about driven me mad! I really don't want to complain too much because many places here in the maritimes are still having snow and wind with the schools closed for another day. Some places got freezing rain and are having power outages. The weather is 'the' topic of conversation right now. We are so fed up.
My girl's flight from Montreal got in late last night and today dawned bright, mild and sunny. We went for a nice walk this afternoon.
She brought me back two little wire men that her friend made. This friend who is also a world traveler, makes these little men and passes them out to people along her travels. I once remarked about how cute they were.

They're about an inch and a half tall and it's not very clear that one is blue and one is green.
I actually sat down to my machine and did a little free motion stitching-- haven't been near the machine in days! I haven't got my mojo back yet but at least I'm doing a little something.

I'm still having my itching and burning problem but I've found a medication that seems to be helping some. I don't feel quite so close to insanity anyway! I'm beginning to wonder if it might not be hormonal.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Runner ready to machine quilt

I've been very slow to get going in the mornings because of the after effects from the medications I'm taking at night to help my itching and burning. Yes, it's still terrible at night and I don't have any answers yet. I do have a blood test next week to check a few things. Patience is key. It wears pretty thin in the evenings though.
I sat with my knitting for a while this morning-- a good quiet activity.
After lunch feeling slightly more perky,  I decided to get my runner sandwiched and ready for the machine quilting.
I quite like the colors and think it will be fun to quilt.
Even though I've been in such a fog, a funny thing happened while I was cutting out the batting and the backing for the runner. A piece of shibori printed fabric that was hanging on my side wall happened to catch my eye. It's been there for a while, but today something about it beckoned and I decided to go with it.
Right now it's just an idea. In my head I pictured a larger tree with lots of shadows, colors and textures in the foreground, so I started cutting pieces of fabric which have been fused to webbing. At this point they're just laying there unfused while I consider it and add more pieces.
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